Travel Project Takes on Chiva Som

Imagine a jet-setting mom-to-be and her Travel Project squad soaring through the skies with Thai Airways, headed for the nirvana that is Chiva Som in Hua Hin. The 8.5-hour flight from Melbourne was a mix of "are we there yet?" and "wow, this airline is the real MVP."

Late Nights and Golf Buggies: The Chiva Som Grand Entrance

We touched down at Chiva Som in the evening—fashionably late, as one should. But here's the kicker: Even in the dark, Chiva Som didn't miss a beat. Golf buggies whisked us to our rooms where dinner awaited—a feast fit for a famished traveler. And those Chiva Som pyjamas? Let's just say, angels might be getting jealous.

Roommates and Relaxation: Alisha and I vs. Stress

Alisha and I bunked together in the spacious Thai Pavilion room. Two beds, a bathroom big enough for a dance party, and an outdoor deck with mosquito nets—cue the blissful sighs. Our butler, Ra, became our spa guide. He ran us a flower bath that was more rejuvenating than a week of naps.

Pregnancy Perks: A Spa Journey for Four... and a Bump

The first day kicked off with a divine breakfast and a consultation that felt like a spa strategy session. My goal? Relaxation, because growing baby number four is a full-time job. The spa consultants, like wellness wizards, crafted a schedule tailored to my pregnant queen needs.

Stretching, Soothing, and Aqua Noodles: My Spa Symphony

Physio therapy, stretching classes, pool therapy with the infamous aqua noodle (yes, it's as hilarious as it sounds), and the Chiva Som signature massage were on the docket. Facials, coconut body scrubs, and mindfulness sessions became my daily escape. Prana Yama breathing? Let's just say I'm now the Yogi of the household.

Spa Inception: Dive into the Hydro Wonderland

There's a spa within the spa, and it's like Spa Inception. Cold pool, steam room, hydrospa, sauna—basically, an adult playground with water beds. You could indulge whenever. And yes, midnight hydrospa escapades were a thing.

Calorie Counts and Culinary Magic

Chiva Som's culinary game? On point. Portions were petite, but as a mom-to-be, I was "eating for two." No detox soups for me—second servings were practically mandatory. Everything was calorie-controlled, diet-friendly, and free from the evils of preservatives and sugar.

Tech-Free and Trouble-Free: Chiva Som's Digital Detox

Chiva Som's technology-free ethos proved both liberating and enlightening. While phones found sanctuary in our rooms, the resort itself became a haven from screens. 

In the midst of this digital detox, we found a tranquility that allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty and serenity that surrounded us. Chiva Som's dedication to creating a screen-free oasis contributed to a profound sense of peace that lingered long after our departure.

Monk Mornings and Spiritual Soup: The Tak Bart Experience

Ever offered food to monks on the beach at 6 a.m.? It's a thing at Chiva Som. The Tak Bart ritual was a spiritual awakening, and I got to play breakfast delivery for the monks. They can only eat what's given, and it's a morning ceremony worth waking up for.

Zen Verdict: Chiva Som Gets a Standing Ovation

In conclusion, recommending Chiva Som as a place to unwind and reset is like saying ice cream is an okay dessert. It's more than that. It's a comedy of relaxation, a symphony of spa delights, and a journey into serenity. I left Hua Hin with a belly full of laughter, a bump full of baby, and a zen level that rivals a master yogi. Chiva Som, you're officially on my speed dial for sanity. Until next time, may your flower baths be plentiful, and your pyjamas ever so comfy. Zen out!

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