Meet Bobbie

Meet Bobbie, the unstoppable force behind our MTP team! She's not just a mum of four (two being her furry friends) she's the captain of the chaos, master of the minivan, and the reigning champ of bedtime stories. When she's not wrangling her adorable rascals, she's passionately cheering on her beloved Hawthorn Hawks.

Bobbie is the kind of person who believes that  R'n'B Fridays should definitely be an everyday thing. She's got a dance floor radar that never fails, and she's always the first to start the party and the last one to leave – don't even try to challenge her on the dance floor!

Her secret guilty pleasure? Sipping a cheeky Sauvignon Blanc in the sun, soaking in that golden goodness and watching the world go by. 

The incredible Bobbie has been with MTP since the day we opened our doors, and we couldn't be luckier to have her. With 16 years in the industry, she's basically a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and experience.

But she's not just a workaholic. When she's not in the office, you'll find her daydreaming about her favorite getaways to Italy and Croatia, and her ultimate dream vacation? South America, here she comes.

So, here's to Bobbie – the powerhouse, the party starter, the wine enthusiast, and the ultimate supporter of the Hawks. We're lucky to have her in our MTP family! 

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