Meet Jemima

Hey there, I'm Jemima, and I've got a pretty eclectic mix of interests and quirks.

I stumbled into the travel industry when I was 19, and honestly, a decade later, I can't imagine doing anything else. They say when you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work, and I couldn't agree more. 

Apart from my passion for travel, I'm an all-out animal lover. Seriously, whether it's a cute pup or a quirky critter, they've got a piece of my heart. 

Now, onto my not-so-secret guilty pleasure: going out for ice cream in my trusty dressing gown. There's just something wonderfully indulgent about it, you know? 

As for my travel adventures, I've been pretty lucky to explore places like Paris, Rome, London, Fiji, Bali (maybe a tad too much!), LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Thailand, New Zealand, and the lovely East Coast of Australia. And I'm all about helping others experience these amazing destinations too. 

So, if you're up for travel tips, pet stories, or just some good old ice cream recommendations, give me a shout! Let's make every moment count, one adventure, one animal cuddle, and one scoop at a time! 



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