At the age of sixteen, Phil's first overseas adventure led him to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, sparking a lifelong love affair with exploration. That initial eye-opening experience was just the beginning, and Phil caught the travel bug that would shape his journey for years to come.

 A spritely nineteen-year-old Phil made a bold move to Europe, kickstarting a six-year adventure that traversed almost every country on the continent. With over 63 countries under his belt, Phil's travel odyssey is an ongoing exploration, with an ever-expanding bucket list.

 As adulthood beckoned, Phil returned home and unexpectedly found his calling as a travel agent. What started as just a job quickly transformed into an extraordinary career opportunity. Phil's unique ability to establish rapid connections and his enthusiasm for real-world travel knowledge set him apart in the industry.

 With over a decade of intensive training, Phil has evolved into a complex airfare expert. Armed with skills honed to perfection, he's ready to tackle any challenges associated with intricate itineraries. If you can dream it, Phil will make it happen for you!

Beyond his professional pursuits, Phil takes immense pride in being the father of twin girls. Weekends are dedicated to creating cherished family memories at the beach or creeks. Phil eagerly anticipates sharing his passion for exploration with his daughters, envisioning the next overseas adventure to showcase the remarkable wonders of the world.

Ready to turn your travel dreams into reality? Reach out to Phil for personalised itineraries and expert advice. His passion for exploration knows no bounds!

Adventure awaits, and Phil is your guide to unlocking the extraordinary in every journey. 


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