Patina - Maldives


Nestled within the newly unveiled and eagerly awaited Fari Islands village in the North Malé Atoll, Patina Maldives is conveniently reached by a 50-minute speedboat ride from Malé International Airport. A departure from the familiar, this island exudes a liberating essence inspired by your true self—an oasis of pure beauty and surprising depth.

From awe-inspiring panoramas and culinary delights to interactive musical installations, every facet of this elevated resort is meticulously crafted to engage your senses, celebrating the essence of nature, art, and connection.

The soul and spirit of Patina Maldives revolve around art and culture, manifested through a permanent art gallery, an extensive collection showcasing works by renowned international artists, and an artist-in-residence program.

Comprising 90 refined accommodations seamlessly blending with invigorating experiences, Patina Maldives is a creation of the prolific Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. The design reflects a warm, rustic simplicity enriched with luxurious details. Choose from beach and overwater villas across nine categories, offering options for both sunrise and sunset views, complemented by 20 Fari Studios.

Embarking on a gastronomic journey, the resort boasts 12 distinct dining concepts, ranging from traditional restaurants to vibrant food trucks. Wellness takes centre stage, focusing on overall well-being with unique offerings such as a watsu pool, biohacking experiences, and the application of curative and preventive remedies.

At Patina, the rhythm is yours, setting you free to explore profound tranquility or engage in shared experiences. Follow your instincts, and discover what you need in this haven of exquisite possibilities.

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