Our top 10 packing tips


Packing for a trip can be stressful, but fret not! Our team of experienced travel experts have put together our 10 most important tips to help you get it done quickly and easily!

Pack light.

If you're like most people, you enjoy the luxurious feeling of packing for a vacation. You bring along all your favourite things, from favourite outfits to random trinkets and souvenirs. But this can easily become an exercise in futility if you pack too much baggage. The more stuff you pack, the heavier your bag will be and the harder it will be to carry around when traveling. If we could offer one piece of advice for packing for a trip: Pack light!

Pack only what is absolutely necessary The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about packing light is to not overstuff your bags with unnecessary items or things that can be bought at your destination—like toiletries (most hotels have these items available). But did you know there are other things that should also stay behind? Do not pack anything extra unless it's absolutely necessary; anything extra adds weight and makes carrying luggage more difficult than it needs to be! For example: digital cameras aren't usually necessary since most smartphones today have decent cameras built-in; on top of that, there are so many great photo editing apps nowadays that allow users take amazing photos even without fancy equipment! You may not need them at all depending on where/how long your trip lasts so make sure everything has its place before stuffing those suitcases full!

Avoid packing liquid items.

Liquid products in your carry on must be in containers of 100ml or less (broadly equivalent to 100 grams or less) and carried together in a transparent, resealable plastic bag.

Wear the bulkiest items.

If there are things that simply won't fit in any other part of your bag, wear them on your body!

Roll your clothes.

Roll your clothes. This is the perfect trick for wrangling those pesky wrinkles and getting everything to fit together more efficiently. Roll from one end of the garment to another, folding it over on itself as you go, until it's all rolled up nice and tight.


Pack your heaviest items at the bottom of your bag.

We never recommend overpacking, but if you're going to do it, here's how:

  • Put your heaviest items at the bottom of your bag. This includes shoes and any bags you're carrying with you. This will help keep your bag's center of gravity low and prevent it from tipping over.

  • Pack lighter items in the top half of your bag, heavier ones in its middle. If you have something that's both heavy and bulky (like a coat or thick sweater), place it toward the bottom of one side of your suitcase so that when it rolls around during transit, all that weight is distributed evenly!

Pack shoes in plastic bags if they're wet or dirty.

  • Pack shoes in plastic bags if they're wet or dirty.

  • Put the bag of shoes in a separate compartment from your clean clothes. That way, you'll be able to keep your clean clothes as dry as possible and not worry about getting them dirty.

Only pack the clothes you absolutely need.

You’re not going to need all of the clothes you brought with you. Pack only what is necessary and try to get rid of things that are too heavy or bulky, like sweaters or jackets. Make sure that your important documents, like passport and ID card, are in an easily accessible location so they’re easy to grab if something happens while traveling.

Don't forget to leave some room to bring things home with you!

  • Don't forget to bring home souvenirs. Packing light is an important part of your trip, but don't forget that some items are worth taking up space in your bag simply because they're too good not to take with you. Some things may seem small now, but could become priceless in years when all those memories fade away.

Use a waterproof suitcase or bag.

If you’re planning to take your bag on the beach, in a rainy climate, or for any other reason that could expose it to moisture, make sure to pack it in a waterproof bag. These are great because they add extra protection against water and sand without making your luggage too bulky.

Don't forget the extras!

Don't forget the extras!

When you're traveling, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of everything that lies ahead. You might be so focused on what's ahead that you forget about the little things—like your passport, phone charger and camera—that can make your trip extra special. To keep these essentials close by, pack them in your carry-on bag or wear them around your neck as an accessory. And don't forget items like money and snacks: nothing ruins a trip faster than getting hungry halfway through an adventure!

Packing for a trip can be stressful, but with these tips, you'll get it done quickly and easily.

You won't have to worry about remembering where you packed that one thing.

You'll save on travel costs as it's easier to plan when you know what to pack.

And most importantly, you'll have more time for the fun stuff!


Putting together a packing list for your next trip is a great way to stay organised and make sure that you have everything you need. We hope these tips help make your packing process a little quicker and less stressful!

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