Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort: Fiji’s Best Family Resort

“Fun for kids is an essential part of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort family holiday experience – the Bula Kids Club is one of the best in the South Pacific. Changing daily activities and a fun and educational program keeps children engaged and enthralled. Every child under 6 years is assigned their very own nanny for the duration of their stay and older kids, in groups of five, get their own buddy! Allow at least one week to gently unwind in this extraordinary resort and it’s almost assured that yours will be one of the many families returning year after year.”

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji is a premier eco-friendly destination, combining luxury with environmental stewardship in the heart of Vanua Levu. Inspired by its namesake's legacy, the resort offers an immersive experience in Fiji's natural beauty and cultural richness, emphasizing ocean conservation and sustainable living. Guests can enjoy sumptuous bures, diverse marine adventures, cultural tours, and educational programs. Whether indulging in underwater explorations or relishing the serene landscape, the resort provides a unique, enlightening journey, making every stay an impactful, luxurious adventure that resonates with the spirit of exploration and conservation.



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