Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville, Rome


Step into the timeless charm of Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville in the heart of Rome, where my experience unfolded into a tapestry of elegance and cultural immersion. Tucked away on the city's cobblestone streets, this boutique haven seamlessly blends classic Italian allure with modern comfort.

The accommodations at Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville are a retreat into refined luxury. Imagine waking up in a chic suite adorned with touches of Italian tradition, the city's energy buzzing beyond your windows. As sunlight bathes the room, offering glimpses of Rome's iconic landmarks, you'll feel an immediate connection to the city's rich history.

What makes this hotel special is its commitment to crafting memorable moments. The rooftop terrace, overlooking the Spanish Steps, became my favourite escape. There, I savored expertly crafted cocktails while soaking in panoramic views of the city's rooftops, creating a truly cinematic experience.

Dining at Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville is a culinary delight. From Michelin-starred dishes to casual rooftop aperitivo sessions, each dining experience embodies the essence of Italian gastronomy.

The hotel's personalised service adds a warm touch to your stay. The knowledgeable concierge led me to discover hidden gems, turning my visit into an immersive exploration of Rome's art, history, and local life.

Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville is more than a place to stay; it's an invitation to savour la dolce vita in Rome. With its tasteful interiors, breathtaking views, and attentive service, every moment becomes a part of your own Roman narrative. Come, let this boutique retreat be the backdrop for your Roman escape, where every detail adds a brushstroke to your travel story.

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