Aqua Expeditions

For thirteen years, Aqua Expeditions, led by Francesco Galli Zugaro, has been a pioneer in crafting intimate small-ship expeditions worldwide. Focused on redefining luxury, Aqua champions exclusive access to remote destinations like the Amazon, Mekong, Galapagos Islands, and Eastern Indonesia.

With an unwavering commitment to personalised service and safety, the vessels, accommodating 30-40 guests, provide an intimate experience. Embark on an authentic adventure with tailored experiences, guided by an engaging 1:1 guest-to-guide ratio.

At Aqua Expeditions, priority is given to secluded explorations in unspoiled sanctuaries, minimising human interaction. The cruises are more than a journey; they're an intimate exploration tailored to your preferences, connecting you with the untouched wonders of the world.

Join for an extraordinary voyage, where unparalleled luxury meets off-the-beaten-path exploration. Experience personalied service, ultimate luxury, and immersive cultural adventures with Aqua Expeditions.

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