Belmond River Cruise

Embark on the most romantic river cruises with Belmond River Cruise with a celebration of picturesque landscapes and unparalleled luxury. Drift past sun-soaked vineyards, ancient chateaux, and charming villages in France. Experience the mesmerising allure of gold-tipped temples along the Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar. No matter your choice, expect sleek design, warm-hearted service, and bespoke cuisine to be the essence of your journey.

The fleet boasts seven luxurious floating villas, where pride is taken in anticipating and fulfilling every need. Onboard Les Bateaux Belmond, relish stylish comfort and indulge in sensational French cuisine as you meander along scenic riverbanks, stopping for tailor-made excursions. Whether truffle-hunting in Burgundy or soaring above châteaux and vineyards in a hot air balloon, luxury river cruise itineraries are designed to match your unhurried pace.

Les Bateaux Belmond crafts an ambiance of light and effervescence on board, with a playful palette, nautical feel, and a stylish, expansive deck for effortless relaxation. Imagine modern, luxury hotel rooms afloat, where each private cabin seamlessly blends the latest technology with signature elements of regional contemporary culture. Your river cruise promises not just a journey but a romantic odyssey filled with sophistication, indulgence, and the beauty of unhurried exploration.

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